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Preparing For The Calm To Come
  1. Preparing For The Calm To Come
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You have no difficulty opening up to others very quickly. You can share sensitive things about yourself even to strangers. This is a gateway to great success or temptations.

Astrology for the Soul March 15, 2017

Some use this trait in a negative way and become con men or swindlers. Always ask yourself what you would feel if someone did to you what you are thinking of doing to them.

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The particular aspect of water that is most directly apparent to people born on this day is their tendency to be unstable, as far as their loyalties are concerned. You may seem like a solid confidant at first, but if you are exposed to too many temptations, you might give in. Neptune is your planetary ruler. As stable and impressive as it may seem from afar, Neptune is far from stable. Avoid focusing on being left behind. Pisces people sometimes go through hard times in life, yet the person born on 15th March has a tendency to instead breeze through circumstances in a much more simple and fortuitous way.

These people know at an instinctive level that life is about the rough and the smooth, and the dance that goes on between the two.

Preparing For The Calm To Come

Having this natural attitude of gratitude means that good luck is all the more pronounced for people born on 15th March, as their outlook invites greater good fortune to smile upon them. It would be a waste to throw it away for some quick bucks. Username or Email Address.

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Candles inspired by the stars

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This Week in Astrology: March 11 to 17,

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